Ted Cowart and Sunny Mckinnon Flowers

Give Her Flowers for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day – give her flowers. Or perhaps a small amaryllis painting that will last for a lifetime rather than a few days. These floral paintings in mixed media on paper and oil on canvas are available in our new Upstairs Gallery.

The Upstairs Gallery at Arden's - Where Art Collection Begin

2019 ushers in a new era – and a new location – for Arden’s. The first floor of our new location is brimming with more than 2,000 frame selections and all the quality framing assistance Houston has come to expect from us.

Now, Arden’s is pleased to introduce the Upstairs Gallery at Arden’s. To highlight our collection of fine art and artists, we have dedicated our second floor as gallery space, where we will feature a permanent collection and special shows by Houston artists including Ted Cowart, Ken Elliott, Margaret Dobbins, Sunny McKinnon and Joan Son.

Please stop by and visit us, as we continue to be a proud and integral part of Houston art history.