Diana Mendoza

Born in Junin, Peru, artist Diana Mendoza is known for blending European and Peruvian cultures into a unique style of painting. Her oil on canvas paintings also utilize gold and silver leafing.

Diana enjoyed art from a young age and sketched throughout her early years. Although she initially chose engineering, Diana finished in the school of fine arts.

I love to paint, I feel like it’s a necessity, I need to paint and express my feelings through my paintings. Diana Mendoza

After graduating from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes with one of the highest awards for painting and drawing, Diana became a teacher and designer. However, she soon made the decision to devote herself entirely to painting.

In addition to her artistic skills, Diana is an accomplished musician and mother.

Diana has participated in many exhibitions, including: Galeria Entre Nous, Lima, Peru, Arte Popular de Peru, Salvador, Brazil, Universidad de Bahia, Brazil, Galeria Panorama, Bahia, Brazil, Country Club Jacaranda, Bahia, Brazil, Club Ancash, Lima, Peru, Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos del Peru, Galeria Picasso, Lima, Peru, Casa de la Cultura, Manaos, Brazil, Palacio de Cultura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Instituto Peruano Norteamericano, Lima, Peru, and Galeria Chagall, Lima, Peru.