Fine Art Gallery

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Laurent Boccara was a painter and collage artist. A native of Tunisia, Mr. Bocarra was raised and educated in France. He had lived in the United States since the early 1970's. He studied painting at the University of Houston in the mid eighties. He also studied law and economics at The Sorbonne University in Paris. Continue reading Laurent's bio or view his work.


From a young age, Ken was exposed to the fine arts while working in high-end framing and fine art galleries. Through this period, he developed a strong sense of what he felt was important and interesting in art. However, it was when Ken moved to California that he found within himself a strong desire to create it himself. Continue reading Ken's bio or view his work.


Sunny McKinnon takes her inspiration from the outdoors, particularly the organic forms found in nature and the calm of the country. Her media jumps from black-and-white charcoal drawings to traditional oil paintings to, most recently, landscapes rendered in pastels. Continue reading Sunny's bio or view her work.


Born in Junin, Peru, artist Diana Mendoza is known for blending European and Peruvian cultures into a unique style of painting. Her oil on canvas paintings also utilize gold and silver leafing. Diana enjoyed art from a young age and sketched throughout her early years. Although she initially chose engineering, Diana finished in the school of fine arts. Continue reading Diana's bio or view her work.


After studing photography in France, Barbara Sloan has enjoyed an illustrious career. In the 1980s she worked with Andy Warhol creating portraits for his Interview Magazine. Her advertising work has been published in international magazines and her fine art prints are exhibited in galleries and museums. Continue reading Barbara's bio or view her work.


Joan Son is an American artist who has devoted her career to the exploration of contemporary origami as fine art. Since 1964, when she first learned to fold the traditional crane, Joan has been intrigued with the art, math and magic of paper folding. Continue reading Joan's bio or view her work.