Ken Elliott

From a young age, Ken was exposed to the fine arts while working in high-end framing and fine art galleries. Through this period, he developed a strong sense of what he felt was important and interesting in art. However, it was when Ken moved to California that he found within himself a strong desire to create it himself.

My focus is the landscape and its rich store of ideas and inspiration. I am compelled to work from the trees, skies, lakes and streams in their endless variations. I don't try to recreate nature or attempt storytelling. Instead, the works are simplifications and exaggerations of nature. Ken Elliott

Surrounded by the beauty of the Californian landscape he began to study and teach himself how to work in pastels and oils. After a few years of working on his own, he was accepted into the Santa Fe Art Institute Masters painting classes taught by Wolf Kahn. There he was exposed to the philosophies and underlying methods to making fine art, allowing him to further mature as an artist.

Using colors that are harmonious and tranquil to bright and energetic, Ken's range of pallets beautifully expresses the fiery colors of autumn, the grandness of a sunset, the quiet of a valley or an intimate wood. Influenced by impressionism and fauvism, Ken's work contains a full array of brilliant clear colors and patterned imagery, yet they still have a soft edge of impressionism to them. For Ken, composition, color, and an element of truth are the substance of his work.

Ken enjoys working in oil, pastel, and the unique process of image transfer. Ken also has several of his images available in limited edition giclée prints. He is very meticulous in their production so that each print carries the beauty and elegance of an original.

Ken has worked in Texas, California, New Mexico, and photographed in Europe. Now he enjoys working and living in Colorado where he is inspired by beautiful landscapes and four full seasons.

Arden's has represented Ken Elliott's work since the early 90's. Ken also shows his work in California, Colorado, Georgia, Connecticut, and Colorado.

Visit Ken's website to view more of his work and to find dates and locations for his upcoming shows and workshops. You can also follow Ken's new works on his Blog, on Facebook Fine Art, or on his monthly Newsletter.