Laurent Boccara

Artist bio from web site:

Laurent Boccara was a painter and collage artist. A native of Tunisia, Mr. Bocarra was raised and educated in France. He had lived in the United States since the early 1970's. He studied painting at the University of Houston in the mid eighties. He also studied law and economics at The Sorbonne University in Paris.

A field archeologist with over ten years experience, Mr. Boccara participated in excavations throughout Israel and Greece, Switzerland and the United States. It was the nature of this exacting science of baring back, of meticulous classification and creative reconstruction that permeated his artwork.

His abstract landscapes are fertile exercises in addition and reduction. They are excavations where order is void of sentimentality, where the residue of the sublime becomes the vehicle of his ideas through the semantics of geometry and color. They are travelogues where his ubiquitous meanders beg entry to the temple of the mundane, replete with new questions.

He was an artist whose work was beginning to garnish a larger following, poised to receive the public viewing and critical assessment it deserved at the instance of his unseasonable death. It is apparent through the brief life of this artist, that he was continuing to focus attention on his primary concerns for order, exile, spirituality and healing and by doing so multiplying the possibilities inherent in them all.