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Amanda Hoak has been a part of Arden's since birth, being the third generation to provide quality fine art and custom framing services to the Houston area. As gallery director, Amanda has a strong, personal commitment to art and to the family business. She brings her own touch to Arden's while honoring the legacy of her father and grandfather.

"I have a passion to help people experience the world of art. I enjoy working with clients to create the perfect framing solution for their personal pieces. And I love helping people find art that has meaning for them, and that they will love and display proudly on their walls for generations to come."

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Color: Pure and Simple

Color. Each of us has a favorite. Maybe two. Or more. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why we favor one color and shun another. Some of us sigh at the welcoming greys that surround us during a thunderstorm. Others delight at the brightness of a summer garden. Black and white comforts the minimalist.

Color: pure and simple, a series of paintings by Sunny McKinnon, offers pure pigments rendered side by side in pastel. Each painting inviting us to pick and choose, contrast and compare and create a vignette that is ours alone.

The series includes more than 30 pieces. Most of the paintings are 10x10” square, with a few outliers for variety.

The Upstairs Gallery at Arden’s invites you to come, find your favorites and create a collection that is uniquely yours.