Ted Cowart

With 25 years of paintings in his portfolio, Ted Cowart readies for the next 25. Never one to be happy with the status quo, Ted is always thinking of what’s next and what’s new. He thinks in series of paintings, depicting places and subjects that capture his attention.

His brushes interpret landscapes, in the countryside, the desert, by the sea, the field – everywhere he travels, he finds inspiration. He delves into one subject and then the next. Then returns to reconsider a bygone subject with a new slant. Portraits, abstracts – a series looking through windows. Dancers, flowers. Inspiration is everywhere.

I have always been inspired by the artists and art movements of the early 20th century – there is such style and grace. I want my work to evoke a similar energy and elegance, though with a definite contemporary attitude. Ted Cowart

Ted delights in his work. He works tirelessly, with an easy, upbeat attitude. Always smiling, his mind bouncing with ideas. His easel is never empty.